aws lookoutmetrics

This is the Amazon Lookout for Metrics API Reference. For an introduction to the service with tutorials for getting started, visit Amazon Lookout for Metrics Developer Guide


activate-anomaly-detectorActivates an anomaly detector
back-test-anomaly-detectorRuns a backtest for anomaly detection for the specified resource
create-alertCreates an alert for an anomaly detector
create-anomaly-detectorCreates an anomaly detector
create-metric-setCreates a dataset
delete-alertDeletes an alert
delete-anomaly-detectorDeletes a detector. Deleting an anomaly detector will delete all of its corresponding resources including any configured datasets and alerts
describe-alertDescribes an alert
describe-anomaly-detection-executionsReturns information about the status of the specified anomaly detection jobs
describe-anomaly-detectorDescribes a detector
describe-metric-setDescribes a dataset
get-anomaly-groupReturns details about a group of anomalous metrics
get-feedbackGet feedback for an anomaly group
get-sample-dataReturns a selection of sample records from an Amazon S3 datasource
list-alertsLists the alerts attached to a detector
list-anomaly-detectorsLists the detectors in the current AWS Region
list-anomaly-group-summariesReturns a list of anomaly groups
list-anomaly-group-time-seriesGets a list of anomalous metrics for a measure in an anomaly group
list-metric-setsLists the datasets in the current AWS Region
list-tags-for-resourceGets a list of tags for a detector, dataset, or alert
put-feedbackAdd feedback for an anomalous metric
tag-resourceAdds tags to a detector, dataset, or alert
untag-resourceRemoves tags from a detector, dataset, or alert
update-anomaly-detectorUpdates a detector. After activation, you can only change a detector's ingestion delay and description
update-metric-setUpdates a dataset