aws location get-map-tile

Retrieves a vector data tile from the map resource. Map tiles are used by clients to render a map. They are addressed using a grid arrangement with an X coordinate, Y coordinate, and Z (zoom) level. The origin (0, 0) is the top left of the map. Increasing the zoom level by 1 doubles both the X and Y dimensions, so a tile containing data for the entire world at (0/0/0) will be split into 4 tiles at zoom 1 (1/0/0, 1/0/1, 1/1/0, 1/1/1)


--map-name <string>The map resource to retrieve the map tiles from
--x <string>The X axis value for the map tile
--y <string>The Y axis value for the map tile
--z <string>The zoom value for the map tile
outfile <string>Filename where the content will be saved