aws license-manager

AWS License Manager AWS License Manager makes it easier to manage licenses from software vendors across multiple AWS accounts and on-premises servers


accept-grantAccepts the specified grant
check-in-licenseChecks in the specified license. Check in a license when it is no longer in use
checkout-borrow-licenseChecks out the specified license for offline use
checkout-licenseChecks out the specified license
create-grantCreates a grant for the specified license. A grant shares the use of license entitlements with specific AWS accounts
create-grant-versionCreates a new version of the specified grant
create-licenseCreates a license
create-license-configurationCreates a license configuration. A license configuration is an abstraction of a customer license agreement that can be consumed and enforced by License Manager. Components include specifications for the license type (licensing by instance, socket, CPU, or vCPU), allowed tenancy (shared tenancy, Dedicated Instance, Dedicated Host, or all of these), license affinity to host (how long a license must be associated with a host), and the number of licenses purchased and used
create-license-versionCreates a new version of the specified license
create-tokenCreates a long-lived token. A refresh token is a JWT token used to get an access token. With an access token, you can call AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity to get role credentials that you can use to call License Manager to manage the specified license
delete-grantDeletes the specified grant
delete-licenseDeletes the specified license
delete-license-configurationDeletes the specified license configuration. You cannot delete a license configuration that is in use
delete-tokenDeletes the specified token. Must be called in the license home Region
extend-license-consumptionExtends the expiration date for license consumption
get-access-tokenGets a temporary access token to use with AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity. Access tokens are valid for one hour
get-grantGets detailed information about the specified grant
get-licenseGets detailed information about the specified license
get-license-configurationGets detailed information about the specified license configuration
get-license-usageGets detailed information about the usage of the specified license
get-service-settingsGets the License Manager settings for the current Region
list-associations-for-license-configurationLists the resource associations for the specified license configuration. Resource associations need not consume licenses from a license configuration. For example, an AMI or a stopped instance might not consume a license (depending on the license rules)
list-distributed-grantsLists the grants distributed for the specified license
list-failures-for-license-configuration-operationsLists the license configuration operations that failed
list-license-configurationsLists the license configurations for your account
list-license-specifications-for-resourceDescribes the license configurations for the specified resource
list-license-versionsLists all versions of the specified license
list-licensesLists the licenses for your account
list-received-grantsLists grants that are received but not accepted
list-received-licensesLists received licenses
list-resource-inventoryLists resources managed using Systems Manager inventory
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for the specified license configuration
list-tokensLists your tokens
list-usage-for-license-configurationLists all license usage records for a license configuration, displaying license consumption details by resource at a selected point in time. Use this action to audit the current license consumption for any license inventory and configuration
reject-grantRejects the specified grant
tag-resourceAdds the specified tags to the specified license configuration
untag-resourceRemoves the specified tags from the specified license configuration
update-license-configurationModifies the attributes of an existing license configuration
update-license-specifications-for-resourceAdds or removes the specified license configurations for the specified AWS resource. You can update the license specifications of AMIs, instances, and hosts. You cannot update the license specifications for launch templates and AWS CloudFormation templates, as they send license configurations to the operation that creates the resource
update-service-settingsUpdates License Manager settings for the current Region