aws lexv2-models


build-bot-localeBuilds a bot, its intents, and its slot types into a specific locale. A bot can be built into multiple locales. At runtime the locale is used to choose a specific build of the bot
create-botCreates an Amazon Lex conversational bot
create-bot-aliasCreates an alias for the specified version of a bot. Use an alias to enable you to change the version of a bot without updating applications that use the bot. For example, you can create an alias called "PROD" that your applications use to call the Amazon Lex bot
create-bot-localeCreates a locale in the bot. The locale contains the intents and slot types that the bot uses in conversations with users in the specified language and locale. You must add a locale to a bot before you can add intents and slot types to the bot
create-bot-versionCreates a new version of the bot based on the DRAFT version. If the DRAFT version of this resource hasn't changed since you created the last version, Amazon Lex doesn't create a new version, it returns the last created version. When you create the first version of a bot, Amazon Lex sets the version to 1. Subsequent versions increment by 1
create-intentCreates an intent. To define the interaction between the user and your bot, you define one or more intents. For example, for a pizza ordering bot you would create an OrderPizza intent. When you create an intent, you must provide a name. You can optionally provide the following: Sample utterances. For example, "I want to order a pizza" and "Can I order a pizza." You can't provide utterances for built-in intents. Information to be gathered. You specify slots for the information that you bot requests from the user. You can specify standard slot types, such as date and time, or custom slot types for your application. How the intent is fulfilled. You can provide a Lambda function or configure the intent to return the intent information to your client application. If you use a Lambda function, Amazon Lex invokes the function when all of the intent information is available. A confirmation prompt to send to the user to confirm an intent. For example, "Shall I order your pizza?" A conclusion statement to send to the user after the intent is fulfilled. For example, "I ordered your pizza." A follow-up prompt that asks the user for additional activity. For example, "Do you want a drink with your pizza?"
create-slotCreates a slot in an intent. A slot is a variable needed to fulfill an intent. For example, an OrderPizza intent might need slots for size, crust, and number of pizzas. For each slot, you define one or more utterances that Amazon Lex uses to elicit a response from the user
create-slot-typeCreates a custom slot type To create a custom slot type, specify a name for the slot type and a set of enumeration values, the values that a slot of this type can assume
delete-botDeletes all versions of a bot, including the Draft version. To delete a specific version, use the DeleteBotVersion operation. When you delete a bot, all of the resources contained in the bot are also deleted. Deleting a bot removes all locales, intents, slot, and slot types defined for the bot. If a bot has an alias, the DeleteBot operation returns a ResourceInUseException exception. If you want to delete the bot and the alias, set the skipResourceInUseCheck parameter to true
delete-bot-aliasDeletes the specified bot alias
delete-bot-localeRemoves a locale from a bot. When you delete a locale, all intents, slots, and slot types defined for the locale are also deleted
delete-bot-versionDeletes a specific version of a bot. To delete all version of a bot, use the DeleteBot operation
delete-intentRemoves the specified intent. Deleting an intent also deletes the slots associated with the intent
delete-slotDeletes the specified slot from an intent
delete-slot-typeDeletes a slot type from a bot locale. If a slot is using the slot type, Amazon Lex throws a ResourceInUseException exception. To avoid the exception, set the skipResourceInUseCheck parameter to true
describe-botProvides metadata information about a bot
describe-bot-aliasGet information about a specific bot alias
describe-bot-localeDescribes the settings that a bot has for a specific locale
describe-bot-versionProvides metadata about a version of a bot
describe-intentReturns metadata about an intent
describe-slotGets metadata information about a slot
describe-slot-typeGets metadata information about a slot type
list-bot-aliasesGets a list of aliases for the specified bot
list-bot-localesGets a list of locales for the specified bot
list-bot-versionsGets information about all of the versions of a bot. The ListBotVersions operation returns a summary of each version of a bot. For example, if a bot has three numbered versions, the ListBotVersions operation returns for summaries, one for each numbered version and one for the DRAFT version. The ListBotVersions operation always returns at least one version, the DRAFT version
list-botsGets a list of available bots
list-built-in-intentsGets a list of built-in intents provided by Amazon Lex that you can use in your bot. To use a built-in intent as a the base for your own intent, include the built-in intent signature in the parentIntentSignature parameter when you call the CreateIntent operation. For more information, see CreateIntent
list-built-in-slot-typesGets a list of built-in slot types that meet the specified criteria
list-intentsGet a list of intents that meet the specified criteria
list-slot-typesGets a list of slot types that match the specified criteria
list-slotsGets a list of slots that match the specified criteria
list-tags-for-resourceGets a list of tags associated with a resource. Only bots, bot aliases, and bot channels can have tags associated with them
tag-resourceAdds the specified tags to the specified resource. If a tag key already exists, the existing value is replaced with the new value
untag-resourceRemoves tags from a bot, bot alias, or bot channel
update-botUpdates the configuration of an existing bot
update-bot-aliasUpdates the configuration of an existing bot alias
update-bot-localeUpdates the settings that a bot has for a specific locale
update-intentUpdates the settings for an intent
update-slotUpdates the settings for a slot
update-slot-typeUpdates the configuration of an existing slot type