aws kendra

Amazon Kendra is a service for indexing large document sets


batch-delete-documentRemoves one or more documents from an index. The documents must have been added with the BatchPutDocument operation. The documents are deleted asynchronously. You can see the progress of the deletion by using AWS CloudWatch. Any error messages related to the processing of the batch are sent to you CloudWatch log
batch-put-documentAdds one or more documents to an index. The BatchPutDocument operation enables you to ingest inline documents or a set of documents stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. Use this operation to ingest your text and unstructured text into an index, add custom attributes to the documents, and to attach an access control list to the documents added to the index. The documents are indexed asynchronously. You can see the progress of the batch using AWS CloudWatch. Any error messages related to processing the batch are sent to your AWS CloudWatch log
create-data-sourceCreates a data source that you use to with an Amazon Kendra index. You specify a name, data source connector type and description for your data source. You also specify configuration information such as document metadata (author, source URI, and so on) and user context information. CreateDataSource is a synchronous operation. The operation returns 200 if the data source was successfully created. Otherwise, an exception is raised
create-faqCreates an new set of frequently asked question (FAQ) questions and answers
create-indexCreates a new Amazon Kendra index. Index creation is an asynchronous operation. To determine if index creation has completed, check the Status field returned from a call to DescribeIndex. The Status field is set to ACTIVE when the index is ready to use. Once the index is active you can index your documents using the BatchPutDocument operation or using one of the supported data sources
create-thesaurusCreates a thesaurus for an index. The thesaurus contains a list of synonyms in Solr format
delete-data-sourceDeletes an Amazon Kendra data source. An exception is not thrown if the data source is already being deleted. While the data source is being deleted, the Status field returned by a call to the DescribeDataSource operation is set to DELETING. For more information, see Deleting Data Sources
delete-faqRemoves an FAQ from an index
delete-indexDeletes an existing Amazon Kendra index. An exception is not thrown if the index is already being deleted. While the index is being deleted, the Status field returned by a call to the DescribeIndex operation is set to DELETING
delete-thesaurusDeletes an existing Amazon Kendra thesaurus
describe-data-sourceGets information about a Amazon Kendra data source
describe-faqGets information about an FAQ list
describe-indexDescribes an existing Amazon Kendra index
describe-thesaurusDescribes an existing Amazon Kendra thesaurus
list-data-source-sync-jobsGets statistics about synchronizing Amazon Kendra with a data source
list-data-sourcesLists the data sources that you have created
list-faqsGets a list of FAQ lists associated with an index
list-indicesLists the Amazon Kendra indexes that you have created
list-tags-for-resourceGets a list of tags associated with a specified resource. Indexes, FAQs, and data sources can have tags associated with them
list-thesauriLists the Amazon Kendra thesauri associated with an index
querySearches an active index. Use this API to search your documents using query. The Query operation enables to do faceted search and to filter results based on document attributes. It also enables you to provide user context that Amazon Kendra uses to enforce document access control in the search results. Amazon Kendra searches your index for text content and question and answer (FAQ) content. By default the response contains three types of results. Relevant passages Matching FAQs Relevant documents You can specify that the query return only one type of result using the QueryResultTypeConfig parameter. Each query returns the 100 most relevant results
start-data-source-sync-jobStarts a synchronization job for a data source. If a synchronization job is already in progress, Amazon Kendra returns a ResourceInUseException exception
stop-data-source-sync-jobStops a running synchronization job. You can't stop a scheduled synchronization job
submit-feedbackEnables you to provide feedback to Amazon Kendra to improve the performance of the service
tag-resourceAdds the specified tag to the specified index, FAQ, or data source resource. If the tag already exists, the existing value is replaced with the new value
untag-resourceRemoves a tag from an index, FAQ, or a data source
update-data-sourceUpdates an existing Amazon Kendra data source
update-indexUpdates an existing Amazon Kendra index
update-thesaurusUpdates a thesaurus file associated with an index