aws iotsecuretunneling

AWS IoT Secure Tunneling AWS IoT Secure Tunnling enables you to create remote connections to devices deployed in the field. For more information about how AWS IoT Secure Tunneling works, see AWS IoT Secure Tunneling


close-tunnelCloses a tunnel identified by the unique tunnel id. When a CloseTunnel request is received, we close the WebSocket connections between the client and proxy server so no data can be transmitted
describe-tunnelGets information about a tunnel identified by the unique tunnel id
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for the specified resource
list-tunnelsList all tunnels for an AWS account. Tunnels are listed by creation time in descending order, newer tunnels will be listed before older tunnels
open-tunnelCreates a new tunnel, and returns two client access tokens for clients to use to connect to the AWS IoT Secure Tunneling proxy server
tag-resourceA resource tag
untag-resourceRemoves a tag from a resource