aws iotevents

AWS IoT Events monitors your equipment or device fleets for failures or changes in operation, and triggers actions when such events occur. You can use AWS IoT Events API operations to create, read, update, and delete inputs and detector models, and to list their versions


create-detector-modelCreates a detector model
create-inputCreates an input
delete-detector-modelDeletes a detector model. Any active instances of the detector model are also deleted
delete-inputDeletes an input
describe-detector-modelDescribes a detector model. If the version parameter is not specified, information about the latest version is returned
describe-detector-model-analysisRetrieves execution information about a detector model analysis
describe-inputDescribes an input
describe-logging-optionsRetrieves the current settings of the AWS IoT Events logging options
get-detector-model-analysis-resultsRetrieves one or more analysis results of the detector model
list-detector-model-versionsLists all the versions of a detector model. Only the metadata associated with each detector model version is returned
list-detector-modelsLists the detector models you have created. Only the metadata associated with each detector model is returned
list-inputsLists the inputs you have created
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags (metadata) you have assigned to the resource
put-logging-optionsSets or updates the AWS IoT Events logging options. If you update the value of any loggingOptions field, it takes up to one minute for the change to take effect. If you change the policy attached to the role you specified in the roleArn field (for example, to correct an invalid policy), it takes up to five minutes for that change to take effect
start-detector-model-analysisPerforms an analysis of your detector model. For more information, see Running detector model analyses in the AWS IoT Events Developer Guide
tag-resourceAdds to or modifies the tags of the given resource. Tags are metadata that can be used to manage a resource
untag-resourceRemoves the given tags (metadata) from the resource
update-detector-modelUpdates a detector model. Detectors (instances) spawned by the previous version are deleted and then re-created as new inputs arrive
update-inputUpdates an input