aws groundstation

Welcome to the AWS Ground Station API Reference. AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that enables you to control satellite communications, downlink and process satellite data, and scale your satellite operations efficiently and cost-effectively without having to build or manage your own ground station infrastructure


cancel-contactCancels a contact with a specified contact ID
create-configCreates a Config with the specified configData parameters. Only one type of configData can be specified
create-dataflow-endpoint-groupCreates a DataflowEndpoint group containing the specified list of DataflowEndpoint objects. The name field in each endpoint is used in your mission profile DataflowEndpointConfig to specify which endpoints to use during a contact. When a contact uses multiple DataflowEndpointConfig objects, each Config must match a DataflowEndpoint in the same group
create-mission-profileCreates a mission profile. dataflowEdges is a list of lists of strings. Each lower level list of strings has two elements: a from ARN and a to ARN
delete-configDeletes a Config
delete-dataflow-endpoint-groupDeletes a dataflow endpoint group
delete-mission-profileDeletes a mission profile
describe-contactDescribes an existing contact
get-configReturns Config information. Only one Config response can be returned
get-dataflow-endpoint-groupReturns the dataflow endpoint group
get-minute-usageReturns the number of minutes used by account
get-mission-profileReturns a mission profile
get-satelliteReturns a satellite
list-configsReturns a list of Config objects
list-contactsReturns a list of contacts. If statusList contains AVAILABLE, the request must include groundStation, missionprofileArn, and satelliteArn
list-dataflow-endpoint-groupsReturns a list of DataflowEndpoint groups
list-ground-stationsReturns a list of ground stations
list-mission-profilesReturns a list of mission profiles
list-satellitesReturns a list of satellites
list-tags-for-resourceReturns a list of tags for a specified resource
reserve-contactReserves a contact using specified parameters
tag-resourceAssigns a tag to a resource
untag-resourceDeassigns a resource tag
update-configUpdates the Config used when scheduling contacts. Updating a Config will not update the execution parameters for existing future contacts scheduled with this Config
update-mission-profileUpdates a mission profile. Updating a mission profile will not update the execution parameters for existing future contacts