aws fis

AWS Fault Injection Simulator is a managed service that enables you to perform fault injection experiments on your AWS workloads. For more information, see the AWS Fault Injection Simulator User Guide


create-experiment-templateCreates an experiment template. To create a template, specify the following information: Targets: A target can be a specific resource in your AWS environment, or one or more resources that match criteria that you specify, for example, resources that have specific tags. Actions: The actions to carry out on the target. You can specify multiple actions, the duration of each action, and when to start each action during an experiment. Stop conditions: If a stop condition is triggered while an experiment is running, the experiment is automatically stopped. You can define a stop condition as a CloudWatch alarm. For more information, see the AWS Fault Injection Simulator User Guide
delete-experiment-templateDeletes the specified experiment template
get-actionGets information about the specified AWS FIS action
get-experimentGets information about the specified experiment
get-experiment-templateGets information about the specified experiment template
list-actionsLists the available AWS FIS actions
list-experiment-templatesLists your experiment templates
list-experimentsLists your experiments
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for the specified resource
start-experimentStarts running an experiment from the specified experiment template
stop-experimentStops the specified experiment
tag-resourceApplies the specified tags to the specified resource
untag-resourceRemoves the specified tags from the specified resource
update-experiment-templateUpdates the specified experiment template