aws ecs deploy

Deploys a new task definition to the specified ECS service. Only services that use CodeDeploy for deployments are supported. This command will register a new task definition, update the CodeDeploy appspec with the new task definition revision, create a CodeDeploy deployment, and wait for the deployment to successfully complete. This command will exit with a return code of 255 if the deployment does not succeed within 30 minutes by default or up to 10 minutes more than your deployment group's configured wait time (max of 6 hours)


pushBundles and uploads to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) an application revision, which is a zip archive file that contains deployable content and an accompanying Application Specification file (AppSpec file). If the upload is successful, a message is returned that describes how to call the create-deployment command to deploy the application revision from Amazon S3 to target Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances
registerCreates an IAM user for the on-premises instance, if not provided, and saves the user's credentials to an on-premises instance configuration file; registers the on-premises instance with AWS CodeDeploy; and optionally adds tags to the on-premises instance
deregisterRemoves any tags from the on-premises instance; deregisters the on-premises instance from AWS CodeDeploy; and, unless requested otherwise, deletes the IAM user for the on-premises instance
installConfigures and installs the AWS CodeDeploy Agent on the on-premises instance
uninstallUninstalls the AWS CodeDeploy Agent from the on-premises instance


--service <string>The short name or full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the service to update
--task-definition <string>The file path where your task definition file is located. The format of the file must be the same as the JSON output of: aws ecs register-task-definition --generate-cli-skeleton
--codedeploy-appspec <string>The file path where your AWS CodeDeploy appspec file is located. The appspec file may be in JSON or YAML format. The TaskDefinition property will be updated within the appspec with the newly registered task definition ARN, overwriting any placeholder values in the file
--cluster <string>The short name or full Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the cluster that your service is running within. If you do not specify a cluster, the "default" cluster is assumed
--codedeploy-application <string>The name of the AWS CodeDeploy application to use for the deployment. The specified application must use the 'ECS' compute platform. If you do not specify an application, the application name AppECS-[CLUSTER_NAME]-[SERVICE_NAME] is assumed
--codedeploy-deployment-group <string>The name of the AWS CodeDeploy deployment group to use for the deployment. The specified deployment group must be associated with the specified ECS service and cluster. If you do not specify a deployment group, the deployment group name DgpECS-[CLUSTER_NAME]-[SERVICE_NAME] is assumed