aws dlm

Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager With Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager, you can manage the lifecycle of your AWS resources. You create lifecycle policies, which are used to automate operations on the specified resources. Amazon DLM supports Amazon EBS volumes and snapshots. For information about using Amazon DLM with Amazon EBS, see Automating the Amazon EBS Snapshot Lifecycle in the Amazon EC2 User Guide


create-lifecycle-policyCreates a policy to manage the lifecycle of the specified AWS resources. You can create up to 100 lifecycle policies
delete-lifecycle-policyDeletes the specified lifecycle policy and halts the automated operations that the policy specified
get-lifecycle-policiesGets summary information about all or the specified data lifecycle policies. To get complete information about a policy, use GetLifecyclePolicy
get-lifecycle-policyGets detailed information about the specified lifecycle policy
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for the specified resource
tag-resourceAdds the specified tags to the specified resource
untag-resourceRemoves the specified tags from the specified resource
update-lifecycle-policyUpdates the specified lifecycle policy
create-default-roleCreates the default IAM role which will be used by Lifecycle service. If the role does not exist, create-default-role will automatically create it and set its policy. If the role has been already created, create-default-role will not update its policy.