aws databrew

AWS Glue DataBrew is a visual, cloud-scale data-preparation service. DataBrew simplifies data preparation tasks, targeting data issues that are hard to spot and time-consuming to fix. DataBrew empowers users of all technical levels to visualize the data and perform one-click data transformations, with no coding required


batch-delete-recipe-versionDeletes one or more versions of a recipe at a time. The entire request will be rejected if: The recipe does not exist. There is an invalid version identifier in the list of versions. The version list is empty. The version list size exceeds 50. The version list contains duplicate entries. The request will complete successfully, but with partial failures, if: A version does not exist. A version is being used by a job. You specify LATEST_WORKING, but it's being used by a project. The version fails to be deleted. The LATEST_WORKING version will only be deleted if the recipe has no other versions. If you try to delete LATEST_WORKING while other versions exist (or if they can't be deleted), then LATEST_WORKING will be listed as partial failure in the response
create-datasetCreates a new DataBrew dataset
create-profile-jobCreates a new job to analyze a dataset and create its data profile
create-projectCreates a new DataBrew project
create-recipeCreates a new DataBrew recipe
create-recipe-jobCreates a new job to transform input data, using steps defined in an existing AWS Glue DataBrew recipe
create-scheduleCreates a new schedule for one or more DataBrew jobs. Jobs can be run at a specific date and time, or at regular intervals
delete-datasetDeletes a dataset from DataBrew
delete-jobDeletes the specified DataBrew job
delete-projectDeletes an existing DataBrew project
delete-recipe-versionDeletes a single version of a DataBrew recipe
delete-scheduleDeletes the specified DataBrew schedule
describe-datasetReturns the definition of a specific DataBrew dataset
describe-jobReturns the definition of a specific DataBrew job
describe-job-runRepresents one run of a DataBrew job
describe-projectReturns the definition of a specific DataBrew project
describe-recipeReturns the definition of a specific DataBrew recipe corresponding to a particular version
describe-scheduleReturns the definition of a specific DataBrew schedule
list-datasetsLists all of the DataBrew datasets
list-job-runsLists all of the previous runs of a particular DataBrew job
list-jobsLists all of the DataBrew jobs that are defined
list-projectsLists all of the DataBrew projects that are defined
list-recipe-versionsLists the versions of a particular DataBrew recipe, except for LATEST_WORKING
list-recipesLists all of the DataBrew recipes that are defined
list-schedulesLists the DataBrew schedules that are defined
list-tags-for-resourceLists all the tags for a DataBrew resource
publish-recipePublishes a new version of a DataBrew recipe
send-project-session-actionPerforms a recipe step within an interactive DataBrew session that's currently open
start-job-runRuns a DataBrew job
start-project-sessionCreates an interactive session, enabling you to manipulate data in a DataBrew project
stop-job-runStops a particular run of a job
tag-resourceAdds metadata tags to a DataBrew resource, such as a dataset, project, recipe, job, or schedule
untag-resourceRemoves metadata tags from a DataBrew resource
update-datasetModifies the definition of an existing DataBrew dataset
update-profile-jobModifies the definition of an existing profile job
update-projectModifies the definition of an existing DataBrew project
update-recipeModifies the definition of the LATEST_WORKING version of a DataBrew recipe
update-recipe-jobModifies the definition of an existing DataBrew recipe job
update-scheduleModifies the definition of an existing DataBrew schedule