aws codeguru-reviewer

This section provides documentation for the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer API operations. CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that uses program analysis and machine learning to detect potential defects that are difficult for developers to find and recommendations to address them in your Java and Python code. By proactively detecting and providing recommendations for addressing code defects and implementing best practices, CodeGuru Reviewer improves the overall quality and maintainability of your code base during the code review stage. For more information about CodeGuru Reviewer, see the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer User Guide. To improve the security of your CodeGuru Reviewer API calls, you can establish a private connection between your VPC and CodeGuru Reviewer by creating an interface VPC endpoint. For more information, see CodeGuru Reviewer and interface VPC endpoints (AWS PrivateLink) in the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer User Guide


associate-repositoryUse to associate an AWS CodeCommit repository or a repostory managed by AWS CodeStar Connections with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. When you associate a repository, CodeGuru Reviewer reviews source code changes in the repository's pull requests and provides automatic recommendations. You can view recommendations using the CodeGuru Reviewer console. For more information, see Recommendations in Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer in the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer User Guide. If you associate a CodeCommit repository, it must be in the same AWS Region and AWS account where its CodeGuru Reviewer code reviews are configured. Bitbucket and GitHub Enterprise Server repositories are managed by AWS CodeStar Connections to connect to CodeGuru Reviewer. For more information, see Associate a repository in the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer User Guide. You cannot use the CodeGuru Reviewer SDK or the AWS CLI to associate a GitHub repository with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. To associate a GitHub repository, use the console. For more information, see Getting started with CodeGuru Reviewer in the CodeGuru Reviewer User Guide
create-code-reviewUse to create a code review with a CodeReviewType of RepositoryAnalysis. This type of code review analyzes all code under a specified branch in an associated repository. PullRequest code reviews are automatically triggered by a pull request so cannot be created using this method
describe-code-reviewReturns the metadata associated with the code review along with its status
describe-recommendation-feedbackDescribes the customer feedback for a CodeGuru Reviewer recommendation
describe-repository-associationReturns a RepositoryAssociation object that contains information about the requested repository association
disassociate-repositoryRemoves the association between Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and a repository
list-code-reviewsLists all the code reviews that the customer has created in the past 90 days
list-recommendation-feedbackReturns a list of RecommendationFeedbackSummary objects that contain customer recommendation feedback for all CodeGuru Reviewer users
list-recommendationsReturns the list of all recommendations for a completed code review
list-repository-associationsReturns a list of RepositoryAssociationSummary objects that contain summary information about a repository association. You can filter the returned list by ProviderType , Name , State , and Owner
list-tags-for-resourceReturns the list of tags associated with an associated repository resource
put-recommendation-feedbackStores customer feedback for a CodeGuru Reviewer recommendation. When this API is called again with different reactions the previous feedback is overwritten
tag-resourceAdds one or more tags to an associated repository
untag-resourceRemoves a tag from an associated repository