aws appsync

AWS AppSync provides API actions for creating and interacting with data sources using GraphQL from your application


create-api-cacheCreates a cache for the GraphQL API
create-api-keyCreates a unique key that you can distribute to clients who are executing your API
create-data-sourceCreates a DataSource object
create-functionCreates a Function object. A function is a reusable entity. Multiple functions can be used to compose the resolver logic
create-graphql-apiCreates a GraphqlApi object
create-resolverCreates a Resolver object. A resolver converts incoming requests into a format that a data source can understand and converts the data source's responses into GraphQL
create-typeCreates a Type object
delete-api-cacheDeletes an ApiCache object
delete-api-keyDeletes an API key
delete-data-sourceDeletes a DataSource object
delete-functionDeletes a Function
delete-graphql-apiDeletes a GraphqlApi object
delete-resolverDeletes a Resolver object
delete-typeDeletes a Type object
flush-api-cacheFlushes an ApiCache object
get-api-cacheRetrieves an ApiCache object
get-data-sourceRetrieves a DataSource object
get-functionGet a Function
get-graphql-apiRetrieves a GraphqlApi object
get-introspection-schemaRetrieves the introspection schema for a GraphQL API
get-resolverRetrieves a Resolver object
get-schema-creation-statusRetrieves the current status of a schema creation operation
get-typeRetrieves a Type object
list-api-keysLists the API keys for a given API. API keys are deleted automatically 60 days after they expire. However, they may still be included in the response until they have actually been deleted. You can safely call DeleteApiKey to manually delete a key before it's automatically deleted
list-data-sourcesLists the data sources for a given API
list-functionsList multiple functions
list-graphql-apisLists your GraphQL APIs
list-resolversLists the resolvers for a given API and type
list-resolvers-by-functionList the resolvers that are associated with a specific function
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for a resource
list-typesLists the types for a given API
start-schema-creationAdds a new schema to your GraphQL API. This operation is asynchronous. Use to determine when it has completed
tag-resourceTags a resource with user-supplied tags
untag-resourceUntags a resource
update-api-cacheUpdates the cache for the GraphQL API
update-api-keyUpdates an API key. The key can be updated while it is not deleted
update-data-sourceUpdates a DataSource object
update-functionUpdates a Function object
update-graphql-apiUpdates a GraphqlApi object
update-resolverUpdates a Resolver object
update-typeUpdates a Type object