Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang & more


pluginPlugin management sub-commands
plugin-addAdd a plugin from the plugin repo OR, add a Git repo as a plugin by specifying the name and repo url
plugin-listList installed plugins. Optionally show git urls and git-ref
plugin-list-allList plugins registered on asdf-plugins repository with URLs
plugin-removeRemove plugin and package versions
plugin-updateUpdate a plugin to latest commit on default branch or a particular git-ref
installInstall plugin at stated version, or all from .tools-versions
uninstallRemove a specific version of a package
currentDisplay current versions for named package (else all)
whereDisplay install path for given package at optional specified version
whichDisplay path to an executable
localSet package local version
globalSet package global version
shellSet the package version to ASDF_${LANG}_VERSION` in the current shell
latestDisplay latest version available to install for a named package
listList installed versions of a package
list-allList all available (remote) versions of a package
helpOutput documentation for plugin and tool
execExecutes the command shim for the current version
envPrints or runs an executable under a command environment
infoPrint os, shell and asdf debug information
reshimRecreate shims for version of a package
shimShim management sub-commands
shim-versionsList for given command which plugins and versions provide it
updateUpdate ASDF to the latest stable release (unless --head)
versionVersion for asdf


--versionVersion for asdf
-h, --helpHelp for asdf