ant [target...]

A software tool for automating software build processes




--help, -help, -hShow help for ant
--noconfigSuppress sourcing of /etc/ant.conf, $HOME/.ant/ant.conf, and $HOME/.antrc configuration files
--usejikesEnable use of jikes by default, unless set explicitly in configuration files
--execdebugPrint ant exec line generated by this launch script
-projecthelp, -pPrint project help information and exit
-versionPrint the version information and exit
-diagnosticsPrint information that might be helpful to diagnose or report problems and exit
-quiet, -qBe extra quiet
-silent, -SPrint nothing but task outputs and build failures
-verbose, -vBe extra verbose
-debug, -dPrint debugging information
-emacs, -eProduce logging information without adornments
-lib <path>Specifies a path to search for jars and classes
-logfile, -l <file>Use given file for log
-logger <classname>The class which is to perform logging
-listener <classname>Add an instance of class as a project listener
-noinputDo not allow interactive input
-buildfile, -file, -f <file>Use given buildfile
-keep-going, -kExecute all targets that do not depend on failed target(s)
-propertyfile <name>Load all properties from file with -D properties taking precedence
-inputhandler <class>The class which will handle input requests
-find, -s <file>Search for buildfile towards the root of the filesystem and use it
-nice <number>A niceness value for the main thread
-nouserlibRun ant without using the jar files from ${user.home}/.ant/lib
-noclasspathRun ant without using CLASSPATH
-autoproxyJava1.5+: use the OS proxy settings
-main <class>Override Ant's normal entry point