ansible-doc <plugin...>

Displays information on modules installed in Ansible libraries




--metadata-dump [arg]For internal testing only Dump json metadata for all plugins
--playbook-dir <BASEDIR>Sets the relative path for many features including roles/ group_vars/ etc
--version [arg]Shows version number, config file location, module search path, module location, executable location and exit
--list_files, -F [arg]Show plugin names and their source files without summaries (implies --list)
--module-path, -M [arg]Prepend colon-separated path(s) to module library
--entry-point, -E <ENTRY_POINT>Select the entry point for role(s)
--help, -h [arg]Show help and exit
--json, -j [arg]Change output into json format
--list, -l [NAMESPACE|COLLECTION]List available plugins; a supplied argument will be used for filtering (can be a namespace or full collection name)
--roles-path, -r <PATH>The path to the directory containing your roles
--snippet, -s <PLUGIN_TYPE>Show playbook snippet for these plugin types: inventory, lookup, module
--type, -t <PLUGIN_TYPE>Choose which plugin type (defaults to "module")
--verbose [arg]Verbose mode (-vvv for more, -vvvv to enable connection debugging)
-v [arg]
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