afplay <play the song in the path>

Audio File Play


play the song in the pathfilepaths


-v, --volume <0 (silent) - 1 (normal) - 255 (very loud)>Set the volume for playback of the file Apple does not define a value range for this, but it appears to accept 0=silent, 1=normal (default) and then up to 255=Very loud. The scale is logarithmic and in addition to (not a replacement for) other volume control(s)
-h, --helpPrint help
--leaksRun leaks analysis
-t, --time <TIME>Play for `TIME` seconds >0 and < duration of `audio_file`
-r, --rate <RATE>Play at playback `RATE`. practical limits are about 0.4 (slower) to 3.0 (faster)
-q, --rQuality <QUALITY>Set the quality used for rate-scaled playback (default is 0 - low quality, 1 - high quality)
-d, --debugDebug print output