Fig settings are located in ~/.fig/settings.json. Most updates will be reflected immediately. Some will require restarting the app.

Note that ~/.fig/settings.json must not contain comments.

Updating Settings Using the CLI

You can read fig CLI, using the following syntax:

fig settings key

You can update setting values from the CLI as well:

fig settings key value

Note that value must be valid JSON. If a value cannot be parsed as a JSON literal, it will be interpreted as a string. As some shells interpret JSON characters, it is often helpful to wrap the value in single quotes to ensure it isn't evaluated.

List of Setting Keys

All Fig settings are included below.


autocomplete.developerMode [bool]

When true, Fig will not cache completion specs and will load specs from the directory specified in autocomplete.devCompletionsFolder rather than ~/.fig/autocomplete.

autocomplete.theme [light | dark]

When light, Fig will run in light mode. When dark, Fig will run in dark mode.

autocomplete.sortMethod [recency | alphabetical]

Specify how Fig should sort suggestions
recency: [Default] Sort by most recently used.
alphabetical: Sort by alphabetical

autocomplete.devCompletionsFolder [directory]

When autocomplete.developerMode is enabled, Fig loads completion specs from the specified directory.

autocomplete.scrollWrapAround [bool]

A flag that determines whether the selection will wrap around when pressing arrow key at bottom or top of list.

autocomplete.insertSpaceAutomatically [bool]

A flag that determines whether Fig will automatically insert a space.

autocomplete.immediatelyRunDangerousCommands [bool]

A flag that determines whether Fig will present suggestions to immediately run commands that might be dangerous, like rm.

autocomplete.immediatelyRunGitAliases [bool]

A flag that determines whether Fig will present suggestions to immediately run git aliases.

autocomplete.immediatelyExecuteAfterSpace [bool]

A flag that determines whether Fig will add the immediate insert suggestion to the top of the suggestions after a user hits space.

autocomplete.disableForCommands [array]

Pass in a JSON array of commands Fig should not autocomplete on.

autocomplete.width [number]

Set the maximum width of the autocomplete window.

autocomplete.height [number]

Set the maximum height of the autocomplete window.

autocomplete.fuzzySearch [bool]

Search of suggestions using fuzzy search rather than prefix search. NOTE: this currently does not support the tab autocomplete underlining that prefix search has


pty.path [string]

The $PATH variable used in pseudoterminals. If autocomplete isn't showing file suggestions, running fig settings pty.path "$PATH" may fix the issue. You will need to restart Fig for the changes to apply.

pty.rc [filepath]

A file that will be sourced when Fig creates a pseudoterminal


app.launchOnStartup [bool]

A flag that determines whether the Fig app is added to Login Items. If true, Fig will launch automatically whenever you restart your computer.

app.hideMenubarIcon [bool]

Hide Fig's icon ◧ in the Mac status bar

app.disableTelemetry [bool]

Opt-out of all non-essential telemetry collection. By default, Fig collects limited usage information to provide support and improve the product. Read our statement on privacy for more details. Note: Fig will still send one ping a day with aggregate usage metrics (time spent in terminal, number of times the autocomplete window appeared, number of times autocomplete suggestions were inserted, number of total commands run) as well as crash reports.