How to contribute

All of Fig's completion specs are open source and driven by the community.

If you're interested in improving existing autocomplete functionality or adding support for a new CLI tool, we welcome contributions!

Set up your repository

Make sure you set up your repository as discussed in our Getting Started section

Checks Before Creating a Pull Request

  1. Run npm run test to validate that your completion specs are well-typed.
  2. Run npm run lint:fix to ensure your completion spec has the correct formatting.
  3. Read over the Things to Keep in Mind page and make sure you haven't fallen into any common traps!

Create a Pull Request

Commit and push your changes.

git add .
git commit -m "feat: add git completion spec"
git push origin main

Open your fork on Github. You should see a banner, like the one below.

Click the "Contribute" button, then "Open pull request"

You're done! 🎉

The Fig Core team will review your PR as quickly as possible!