Fig for Windows

Fig for Windows is currently in beta

Please read the short guide below for set-up instructions.


Fig will automatically update after first install. If you have any issues or would like to disable this feature, see the Support section below.


Support for Fig on Windows is currently limited to Git Bash.

Install Git here, and follow along below:

To get Fig working for Git Bash, two settings must be enabled when installing Git SCM.

Finally, run the following command in Git Bash

curl -L "" -o "$USERPROFILE\Downloads\fig_installer.exe" && "$USERPROFILE\Downloads\fig_installer.exe" -install -quiet -norestart

Though not recommended, clicking here will download the latest version of the Fig .msi bundle.

Experimental WSL2 Support

To add experimental support for WSL2, run the following command in WSL only after installing on your host machine.

curl -fsSL | INTEGRATIONS=dotfiles bash

Supported Environments

Fig for Windows currently works in the following terminals and shells:


Windows Console Host (The native windows terminal)
Windows terminal (The new and improved terminal for Windows)
VSCode Integrated Terminal
mintty with ConPTY support enabled (Must be done on install)
Jetbrains Integrated Terminal


Git Bash
Bash running in WSL2
Zsh running in WSL2
Fish running in WSL2
Command Prompt

Note: Supporting additional shells is our next priority. Our current support is limited as we transition from unix-based systems to Windows

Known Issues


If you're facing issues outside of the ones listed above, let us know!