Securely share your SSH credentials to get 1-click access to your remote servers

Fig Servers is the source of truth for your SSH servers and identities

  1. Securely share hosts and credentials/identities across your team
  2. SSH into these hosts with 1-click from the Fig Dashboard or directly from the shell with fig ssh <host>
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Connect to host from the Fig Dashboard

Screenshot of the Access page in the Fig Dashboard, showing 5 remote servers with corporate names

Connect to host from the CLI

fig ssh

Create a host

A host is a server you want to connect to via SSH. You can specify the hostname as an IP address or as a URL

fig ssh

Create an identity

An identity is a username with an associated secret (private key, path to private key, password, or agent)

fig ssh

Coming Soon

Soon, we'll offer short-lived SSH certificates management, identity-based auth through Okta/GitHub/GSuite, and access to Kubernetes clusters, postgres databases, and more. If you're particularly interested in one of these, please email