Debug plugins

Fig plugins are cloned from GitHub and saved to a directory on your system:


Plugins are automatically updated by the Fig daemon, you never need to handle it yourself. If you do want to manually update, run this command:

fig plugins update

Get started

If your plugins aren't working or you're seeing errors, have a look at this debugging information.

My plugins aren't downloading

Try running fig doctor. This should always be your first debugging step as it can automatically fix a lot of issues.

A plugin is showing as installed, but isn't loading in my shell

A couple of things may be happening here:

  1. Try running fig source
    Plugins can't automatically take effect, so you'll need to either create a new shell session or run fig source to source your plugins again.

  2. Try in another shell
    A lot of plugins are written for ZSH, so if you're using Bash or Fish, it may not work in your shell.

I'm seeing an error after installing a plugin

You may need to add some additional configuration. This should be handled by the plugin itself, so please raise an issue on GitHub!