Fig for Linux

Fig for Linux is currently in beta Please read the short guide below for set up instructions + how to get support

Fig for Linux


Run the following in your terminal:

curl -SsL | bash

Supported Environments

Fig for Linux works in the most common Desktop Environments, Display Servers, Distros, and terminals.

Additional Configs

Fig needs additional configuration to work in certain environments. If you're using one of the below, please follow the instructions to finish set up.

Fixes for Common Issues

Before trying to debug any issues, run fig doctor. It will debug and self-heal most common issues.

After that, please try the following:


To uninstall, run the following command and restart your terminal:

curl -fSsL | bash

If you see a "fig not found" error, run the following command and restart your terminal:

rm -r ~/.fig/shell

Contact Us

If you are still having issues after following the instructions above (or just love it), please contact us:

  • Create a GitHub Issue:
    • run fig issue (preferred)
    • click here
  • Join the Fig Discord Community:
  • Email: grant [at] fig [dot] io