Debug Dotfiles

Fix coming issues with Fig Dotfiles

Fig dotfiles compile to shell code. It is quite permissive, allowing almost all inputs. However, this does allow you to create config blocks containing errors. Here are some common things that can go wrong, and how to fix them.

Common errors

Your config contains empty blocks

You might have an empty name in one of your dotfiles blocks. Look for functions, aliases, and variables. Shells don't allow you to have an empty name for these things.

An empty alias block

You're using syntax that doesn't work in your shell

Different shells have different syntaxes. Bash and Zsh are mostly compatible, but running Zsh code in Fish may cause errors.

Make sure your Script blocks are only enabled for the shells they're intended to run in. To verify this, click the ••• button on a block, and look at Shell.

The ZSH-specific command 'bindkey -e' only enabled in ZSH, disabled in Bash and Fish

If you're trying to make a function that works across shells, take a look at Scripts and apply for early access!

Get in touch

If you've followed all the advice and still have no idea what's happening, please get in touch! We'd love to help fix it, and we'll add the fix to this page.