Debug Fig

To get started with debugging fig, run fig doctor

Get started

If you're seeing strange errors in your shell immediately after installing fig, there may be something misconfigured.

Always start debugging by running this command:

fig doctor

Autocomplete isn't working

If your autocomplete isn't working, check out the autocomplete debugging guide.

command not found: fig

This is probably because Fig didn't install properly. The most common cause is that your user account doesn't "own" particular folders in your home directory that Fig uses.

Fig expects to be able to write to the following folders:

  • ~/.fig
  • ~/.local/bin
  • ~/Library/Application Support/fig

To find out if this is the problem for you, run this command:

ls -la ~ | grep '.local'

Does that output have your username in it, or does it say root? If it says root, run the commands below to change the owner to yourself and retry installing the files.

sudo chown -R $(id -un) ~/.local
fig install  # TODO: is this right?

General troubleshooting steps

If fig doctor was unable to find an issue:

  1. Restarting Fig and try again: fig restart
  2. Restart your terminal and try again (⌘Q)
  3. Run fig issue and follow the prompts

Running fig issue will pre-fill an issue template on GitHub. We can follow up with you there.