Add custom shortcuts to your common CLI tools

Easily add your own shortcuts/suggestions to a CLI tool.

Fig Dashboard UI showing the Plugin Store landing page. It has a big banner showing the popular plugin 'oh my zsh' in rainbow text

Get started

  1. Run fig to open the Fig Dashboard
  2. In the sidebar, click Autocomplete > Mixins
  3. Click Create Mixin + and create a mixin using the schema below
  4. Go back to your terminal and voilà!

Screenshot of the "Create Mixin" dialog, showing the four inputs mentioned above

Mixin Schema

  1. Name: The command, subcommand or option that you want the shortcut to show up after

  2. Display name: Human readable description of what you want to say

  3. Insert value: The actual text that's inserted when you select the suggestions

  4. Description: Short description of what the mixin does

More Examples