The Zapier CLI is a developer-focused way to create and maintain Zapier integrations. See more at


analyticsShow the status of the analytics that are collected. Also used to change what is collected
buildBuild a pushable zip from the current directory
convertConvert a Legacy Web Builder app or Visual Builder integration to a CLI integration
delete:integration, delete:appDelete your integration (including all versions)
delete:versionDelete a specific version of your integration
deprecateMark a non-production version of your integration as deprecated, with removal by a certain date
describeDescribe the current integraiton
env:getGet environment variables for a version
env:setSet environment variables for a version
env:unsetUnset environment variables for a version
historyGet the history of your integration
initInitialize a new Zapier integration with a project template
integrations, appsList integrations you have admin access to
linkLink the current directory with an existing integration
loginConfigure your `~/.zapierrc` with a deploy key
logoutDeactivate your active deploy key and reset `~/.zapierrc`
logsPrint recent logs
migrateMigrate users from one version of your integration to another
promotePromote a specific version to public access
pushBuild and upload the current integration
registerRegister a new integration in your account
scaffoldAdd a starting trigger, create, search, or resource to your integration
team:add, team:inviteAdd a team member to your integration
team:get, team:listGet team members involved with your integration
team:remove, team:deleteRemove a team member from all versions of your integration
testTest your integration via the "test" script in your "package.json"
uploadUpload the latest build of your integration to Zapier
users:add, users:inviteAdd a user to some or all versions of your integration
users:get, users:listGet a list of users who have been invited to your integration
users:linksGet a list of links that are used to invite users to your integration
users:remove, users:deleteRemove a user from all versions of your integration
validateValidate your integration
versionsList the versions of your integration available for use in the Zapier editor
helpDisplay help for <%= config.bin %>