A command line interface for managing Atlassian-hosted apps


autocompleteConfigures autocomplete for the Forge CLI
createCreate an app
deployDeploy your app to an environment
feedbackLet us know what you think about Forge
installManage app installations
lintCheck the source files for common errors
loginLog in to your Atlassian account
logoutLog out of your Atlassian account
logsView app logs
providersManage external providers
registerRegister an app you didn't create so you can run commands for it
settingsManage Forge CLI settings
tunnelStart a tunnel to connect your local code with the app running in the development environment
uninstallUninstall the app from an Atlassian site
variablesManage app environment variables
webtriggerGet a web trigger URL
whoamiDisplay the account information of the logged in user
helpDisplay help for command


-V, --versionOutput the version number
--verboseEnable verbose mode
-h, --helpDisplay help for command