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The next-generation command line.

The source of truth for your team’s secrets, scripts, and SSH credentials.


IDE-style autocomplete for your existing terminal


Build internal CLI tools faster

  • Beautiful, interactive terminal UIs
  • Automatically provisioned & distributed to your entire team
  • Out-of-the-box error reporting and usage monitoring

SSH Credentials

Fast, secure access to your SSH servers

  • Securely share servers and identities with your team
  • Instant access to your remote machines with a GUI or CLI


Easily edit, sync, and share your dotfiles

  • Edit aliases, env variables, $PATH, and more
  • Instant sync across your devices
  • Share dotfiles with your team


Manage and sync your shell plugins

  • 1-click install for 400+ plugins
  • Instant sync across devices
  • Supports zsh, bash, & fish

Trusted by 100,000+ engineers at

  • atlassian
  • github
  • google
  • microsoft
  • airbnb
  • shopify
  • cisco
  • amazon
  • square
  • paypal
  • workday
  • capital-one
  • Terminal
  • iTerm2
  • Hyper
  • JetBrains Suite
  • Kitty
  • Alacritty
  • Tabby
  • pycharm
  • intellij
  • phpstorm
  • rider
  • appcode
  • webstorm
  • rubymine
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Android Studio

A seamless add-on
to your existing terminal

Fig integrates with the most popular terminals, shells & IDEs.


Built for collaboration

Shared Aliases

Easily share shell aliases/functions and help your coworkers save a few keystrokes.

Share Environment Variables & Secrets

Securely sync API keys, ports and other application configurations between developers.

Share Environment Variables & Secrets

Support for Internal CLI Tools

Use Fig's autocomplete for your team's internal scripts & CLI tools.

Scripts for Teams

Create easy-to-discover shell scripts and sync them across your engineering team.

Scripts for Teams

Customized Autocomplete

Extend autocomplete with custom suggestions tailored to your team.

Customized Autocomplete

SSH Credential Sharing

Identities and hosts are automatically accessible to your team without finicky modifications to each ~/.ssh/config.

SSH Credential Sharing

Secure & Private

The terminal is a sensitive environment. All cloud features are opt-in and your data is encrypted at rest. For autocomplete, all of your keystrokes are processed locally and never leave your device.

Loved by Developers

Add Fig to your terminal