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Fig is relicensing withfig/autocomplete and withfig/plugins to AGPLv3

Brendan Falk

If you are a user or contributor, this has 0 impact on you or your company. Keep using Fig

AGPLv3 is an OSI-approved license that meets all criteria for Free and Open Source Software.


Some interesting stats:

  • 96% of all code in withfig/autocomplete written by someone paid by Fig If you remove bulk changes (like our transition from javascript to typescript or even the creation of our AWS spec, we still land in the 80-90% range)
  • 69% of all commits in withfig/autocomplete were from someone paid by Fig
  • 1% of all code and 1% of all commits in withfig/autocomplete were from a company building tooling for their own company (e.g. expo or Sourcegraph)

Fig builds in public.

Our company has always tried to balance the “value creation” of open source and community with the “value capture” of our monetization strategy. The choice of license is a key pillar of this strategy, and is something that we’ve deliberated on extensively since the company began.

  1. our commitment to open source
  2. a need to build a sustainable business and competitors
  3. that although we have 350 contributors, about 80% of commits and code committed has come from people we have paid

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