User Interface/User Experience Design

Your story, precisely engineered


One thing that sets us apart most from other designers is...

Our Process

This proprietary process has been distilled over the course of developing hundreds of apps into the lean, mean app designing machine it is today.

This process was carefully crafted, implemented in JIRA, then systematically evaluated on a regular basis to ensure it's always optimized and in peak performance, much like ourselves.

While we can't share the specifics of our process here in public view, we can tell you that our process is designed to take your idea from concept to pixel-perfect product.

It's designed to help you refine your vision into key deliverables, to help you better understand and tell your brand story through the visuals in your product(s), and to ensure all the kinks in your roadmap are ironed-out before you even write your first line of code.



Because [careful planning + powerful process] = [scalable, efficient + delightful products]


After your needs are defined and art direction is taken under consideration, the Design Phase is broken down into two distinct components: user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design.

These two components begin as separate entities, with user experience design coming first. Eventually the two are fused into a beautiful living, breathing entity full of life and possibilities, able to take-on even the most complicated design challenges.


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