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Build apps that streamline terminal workflows. Share them with your team and the Fig community. Move faster with Fig.

Works with any Terminal







Code faster with Fig. Get suggestions for subcommands, options, flags, and arguments. All suggestions are local to your device. Currently only for iTerm2 and the native macOS Terminal.

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Build Your Own Apps

Tired of Terminal UIs based on ncurses or blessed? With Fig, you can use modern web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead. The Fig API lets you read and write to the local shell from JS. You can easily build custom workflows, configurations, and wrappers around CLIs.

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Interactive Documentation

Document your Terminal workflows in Rundown. It's just like Markdown with form elements, interactivity and access to the shell.

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Fig for Teams

Use Fig to build internal tools for your engineering team.

  • Document and maintain your team's internal CLI tools
  • Construct visual workflows for deployment and testing
  • Make shared scripts more accesible and discoverable
  • Onboard new hires faster

Add Fig to your Terminal

We're gradually opening up access to developers who want to be more productive in their terminal.


Private By Design

All Fig app data is stored locally. No sensitive data leaves your device. Users have the option to turn off all non-essential telemetry.

Third-party apps hosted by Fig undergo a security audit before they are released. Each app has its own explicit permissions that users can choose to allow.

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