shopify extension

Suite of commands for developing app extensions


createScaffolds a new extension project in a subdirectory of your app. To specify the type and name of your extension, you can use the interactive prompts or specify them as parameters on the command
serveStarts a local server that can be rendered in the development store. This command must be run from your extension’s directory. The server will continue to run until you press Ctrl+C
registerCreates your app extension and associates it with an app in your Partner organization. This step should be done only once for each app extension. Before you can push your code to Shopify, you need to create an app in your Partner Dashboard that you want to register your extension to. After an extension is registered to an app, the registration can’t be undone
connectConnects your local project directory to an existing app in your Partner organization. This command is intended to help teams collaborate on the same extension code. Each developer can clone the extension code locally, and then run shopify extension connect to populate the local .env file with the API keys required to push changes to the extension
pushUploads your code to Shopify. You need to run this command before you can publish your extension from the Partner Dashboard. You need to register your extension before you can push it to Shopify
checkRuns Theme Check to analyze your code for errors and to ensure that it follows theme and Liquid best practices. Learn more about the checks that Theme Check runs. This command is only valid for theme app extensions