nx affected:test

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--allAll projects
--base <arg>Base of the current branch (usually master)
--configuration <arg>This is the configuration to use when performing tasks on projects
--exclude <arg>Exclude certain projects from being processed
--files <arg>Change the way Nx is calculating the affected command by providing directly changed files, list of files delimited by commas
--head <arg>Latest commit of the current branch (usually HEAD)
--maxParallel <arg>Max number of parallel processes. This flag is ignored if the parallel option is set to false. (default: 3)
--only-failedIsolate projects which previously failed
--parallel <arg>Parallelize the command (default: false)
--runner <arg>This is the name of the tasks runner configured in nx.json
--skip-nx-cacheRerun the tasks even when the results are available in the cache
--target <arg>Task to run for affected projects
--uncommittedUncommitted changes
--untrackedUntracked changes
--verbosePrint additional error stack trace on failure
--helpShow help
--versionShow version number