Full-Stack Typescript Engineer

San Francisco (Preferred)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Help building Fig apps like autocomplete and these early prototypes
  • Maintain the Fig cloud
  • Build tools that make it easy for other developers to build on top of Fig
  • Talk to users, ideate on new products, then build them
  • Design systems to speed up internal testing and deployments
  • Create delightful user experiences

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with a typed language (preferably typescript)
  • Strong familiarity with React (life cycle methods, state management, componentization)
  • Experience architecting and maintaining large JS apps
  • CI/CD tools like GitHub actions
  • SQL / Postgresql and databases
  • Comfortable in the terminal

Bonus Points

  • Strong familiarity with the shell
  • Beautiful design skills
  • Experience building javascript libraries and frameworks
  • Experience building a developer tool (even if personal use)