San Francisco (Preferred)

Why founders?

Fig is building the App Ecosystem for the Terminal. We treat each app like it own product: its own set of customers, its own constraints, its own team. And who best to take these products from 0 to 1 but a founder?

Founders think differently. You recognize the need for quick decisions. You fail quickly. You iterate. You obsess over users.

What apps could I lead?

  • shared scripts, functions, aliases, snippets, and dotfiles across a team/enterprise
  • interactive jupyter notebook style "runbooks" for dev ops and SREs
  • shared secrets
  • keyboard driven git gui
  • "Fig cloud" for hosting and deployment
  • Logging, monitor, error matching…
  • Whatever you want

Each of these apps take on billion dollar companies/industries.

What do Fig apps look like?


How will Fig win?

  1. We have insane developer adoption. People love us. They use Fig 100+ times a day. A DAY.
  2. We integrate with everything. Quite literally. We integrate with your operating system, terminal emulator, shell, and every single CLI tool. And we expose these integrations as one nice simple javascript API (Fig.js) that you can use to build apps.
  3. We are modular. If one app fails, we have plenty more that can succeed.

Distribution + integrations + modularity = $$$

Come work with us

We are disrupting a tool that has barely changed since the 1970s and yet is used by ~60M developers. And we want you to be a part of it.

If you're technical and believe in our mission, please apply and/or message Brendan (brendan@fig.io) - we'd love to chat.