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The Fig Linter

The withfig/autocomplete repo contains a linter program that can be used to validate your specs automatically. It returns syntax and type errors from your autocomplete spec.

To use the linter, run the following command from the root autocomplete folder. npm run lint build/[specName].js

To run the linter on ALL specs in the /build folder, run npm run lint or npm test.

Note that you'll need to run npm install to grab the right dependencies.

What's the best way to test my spec?

  1. Make sure Fig is on and autocomplete is working
  2. Put your spec in the ~/.fig/autocomplete directory (or symlink it there from wherever you are building it)
  3. Test your spec automatically using the Fig linter
  4. Test your spec manually in the terminal:
    • Go to a new line in your terminal
    • Type cd
    • Backspace repeatedly until the line is empty
    • Type the command for the completion spec as you would normally

That's weird - Why do I have to type in cd to test?

Fig caches completion specs on each load. Typing in cd invalidates the cache by loading the cd completion spec.

Let's say you are building a completion spec for your CLI tool, foobar. When you type foobar into your Terminal, Fig loads the foobarcompletion spec. This spec will remain loaded until another one replaces it. No matter what changes you make to the foobar spec, these will not be displayed until you load another spec, then load up foobar again.

Where should I save my completion spec?

Fig reads completion specs from the following folder: ~/.fig/autocomplete

You can edit your spec there. Or you can edit it from anywhere and symlink it to that repo

ln -s /path/to/my/spec ~/.fig/autocomplete/

How do I view the logs?

Right click the popup window and click Inspect Element. It will open up Safari's web dev console

My spec isn't showing up in autocomplete

  • Is autocomplete working? Try going to a new line in the terminal and typing git or cd plus a space.

    • If Fig pops up, autocomplete is working. Chances are it is a problem with your script. Make sure you have correct syntax. View the logs (above) for any errors.
    • If Fig doesn't pop up, autocomplete has crashed 😬. Click to the Fig Icon (◧) in the mac status bar and toggle autocomplete on and off
  • If Fig still doesn't work, restart Fig ( ◧ -> Restart Fig)

  • If Fig still doesn't work, message us in Discord or email

Fig isn't working. What are some debug steps

View our support guide

Fig User Manual


If you'd like to contribute, please fork our withfig/autocomplete github repo and submit a PR.

Your spec will have to pass a linting test in GitHub actions and a quick security review by the Fig team before we merge it.