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Where do I define a shell command to execute?

Shell commands are executed by generators.

  • Script as a String: The script prop. is executed
  • Script as a Function: The output of the script prop function
  • Custom Function: Any time await runFigCommand("foo")

More on Generators

How are shell commands executed

Let's say {{cmd}} is the command you want to execute, Fig will execute your command

( cd /path/to/current/directory; {{cmd}} | cat )
  • /path/to/current/directory → the current working directory of the user. e.g. if they typed pwd

Advanced Notes

  • We execute all of your commands in a pseudo-terminal running a login-shell
    • of the user's default shell. (e.g. if the user's default shell is zsh, we run it in a zsh shell).
  • We execute commands inside a subshell to contain the environment.
  • We pipe into cat to remove escape characters (like color codes) from the output