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Fig users can locally configure a setting to present suggestions sorted by recency of use, or by alphabetical order. As a spec developer, you also have control over what suggestions show up first in the autocomplete menu.

Priority of which item gets shown first can be explicitly defined using the priority property of Subcommands, Options, and Suggestions.

Configuring priority of subcommands

Take an example spec for git:

const completionSpec: Fig.Spec = {
  name: "git",
  subcommands: [
      name: "config",
      priority: 0,
      name: "commit",
      priority: 1,

In this example, since it's likely that users will be running git commit more often than they run git commit, it makes sense to give commit a higher priority. Now, when a user enters git c, commit will be the first subcommand to select.

Configuring priority of suggestions within generators

Priorities can be used in the suggestion objects created by generators. Take the generator used to stage files in git add:

const filesForStaging: Fig.Generator = {
  script: "git status --short",
  postProcess: function (out) {
    if (out.startsWith("fatal:")) {
      return [];
    // out = out + " "
    const items = out.split("\n").map((file) => {
      const allFiles = file.trim().split(" ");
      return {
        working: allFiles[0],
        file: allFiles.slice(1).join(" "),
    return => {
      const file = item.file;
      let ext = "";
      try {
        ext = file.split(".").slice(-1)[0];
      } catch (e) {}
      if (file.endsWith("/")) {
        ext = "folder";
      return {
        name: file,
        insertValue: file.includes(" ") ? "'" + file + "'" : file,
        icon: "fig://icon?type=" + ext + "&color=ff0000&badge=" + item.working,
        description: "Changed file",
        priority: 100,

Here, the generator runs a script to grab all the unstaged files in a git repo. Then, a high priority is given to all generated objects, since it's most likely that someone will wants to stage these files.