Fig 2.8

Grant Gurvis

Fri Nov 25 2022


Fig 2.8 is now available, to update click the Fig icon in your menu bar and select “Check for updates…” or use your package manager

Terminal showing
Terminal showing launchctl spec contributed by joeheyming

Fig is switching to a 2 week release cycle which means you should both get new features and a changelog every 2 weeks! Let us know you feedback on the changelog here.


  • [Changed] Fig shell integrations have been massively improved (10x) in start time 🚀
  • [Fixed] Shell will have correct name in VSCode again (#2034)
  • [Fixed] Autocomplete window will correctly align with cursor when at the end of screen with the description popout
  • [Fixed (macOS)] Fig input method supports down to macOS 10.13 again (#2024)
  • [New (Linux)] Autocomplete window sticks to window’s bounds


  • [New] Add support for an easy login flow in SSH sessions
  • [Fixed] SSH integrations now work in almost all contexts and do not generate errors with VSCode Remote
  • [Fixed (macOS)] Use native icons for files/folders when using SSH