Brand Design

Your identity, visually brought to life

One thing that sets us apart most from other designers is...

Our Process

This proprietary process has been distilled over the course of developing dozens of brands into the lean, mean brand designing machine it is today.

This process was carefully crafted, implemented in JIRA, then systematically evaluated on a regular basis to ensure it's always optimized and in peak performance, much like ourselves.

While we can't share the specifics of our process here in public view, we can tell you that our process is designed to take your idea from concept to pixel-perfect product.

It's designed to help you refine your vision into key deliverables, to help you better understand and tell your brand story through visuals on your site and in your collateral.


Because [careful planning + powerful process] = [timeless + beautiful brands]


The Design Phase is broken down into three distinct components: logo design, font family selection and color palette.

These three components begin as separate entities, starting with the logo, moving on to the font families (which sometimes overlap with logo typefaces), followed-by a color palette.

Once all of these elements are created, they are fused + tested for the first time in the final milestone, the Brand Guidelines document. After all the tinkering is done and final touches are made, you'll receive a living, breathing polished document that encapsulates the brand identity.

This document is meant to guide the development of any and all marketing collateral, from templates to email signatures, special forms and websites, and should be used by both internal and external teams (for external teams, it's often a part of the media kit).


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